Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We found a long eared owl chick in the grass, hidding. He had fallen of the nest.
The chick was hoisted at 4 m height in the tree.
The mother long eared owl was watching how we rescued her offspring.

Attila having his siesta, after the hard work in the greenhouse.
Father and son, yeah.


krossfire said...

You named the piglet Attila :P ?

Richard said...

Yes, the name bears a special heritage and is also the latin name of the boars:Sus scrofa attila.

joo said...

What is there in the 1st photo? Snake?

kilroy said...

Attila is exploited. Poor little fellow

Richard said...

@Joo: looks like an otter, even i have some doubts.

Anonymous said...

ai gasit acum si un pui de bufnita???

in rest ti-am admirat din nou fotografiile..

Janine said...

Richard to the rescue! I hope the local wildlife appreciates having you.