Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Ishtar said...

Faină captura!

Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Beautiful, proud bird.
Did you see my hawks in flight Richard....?

Anonymous said...

With all the respect, this is not an lesser spotted eagle at al, but an adult golden eagle, probably male, judging from beak-head proportions.
Where did you take the picutre? Retezat mountains?

Richard said...

Marosvasarhely or Tirgu Mures ...

Nicu said...

Many thanks! So this individual was flyng around Targu Mures? tottalyy free?
From my info this raptor species became very rare in my country, unfortunately...
By the way, his name in romanian is Acvila de Munte , or Acvila de Stanca.
Acvila imperiala, or Imperial Eagle is a different species, known in Romania as Acvila de Camp.
By the way, do you speak romanian?
Regards, and I hope you don't feel offended by my observations, and change the name from acvila de imperiala in acvila de munte.
Your pictures are truly great, and you manage to imortalize the beauty and essence of this world and her natural wonders. Wildlife and women too!!!!!

Nicu said...

It's me again.
This is a golden eagle, but the romanian name of this raptor species is Acvila de Munte, or Acvila de Stanca.
Your tag, Acvila Imperiala is (imperial eagle in english, Aquila Heliaca in latin) Acvila de Camp, in romanian, an different bird, almoust extinct in Romania.
So, you manage to immortalize this bird in the outskirts of Targu Mures? This is even more impressive, because this raptor has became very rare in Romania and is present mostly in Carpati Mountains...
I spend almoust all my day enjoyng all your pictures, wich you were kind to share with us on Internet.
Very beautiful and spaecial. You manage to catch a glimpse of Romania charm, nature ans beauty.
Birds, lands, women...very impressive. By the way, did you speak romanian too?

Richard said...

Well, I hope You are finally satisfied :). Da, stiu chiar si gramezi de arhaisme.Varza, barza, viezure, minz. Multumesc pentru aprecieri.

Richard said...

Specialistii Asociatiei pentru Protectia Pasarilor si a Naturii „Grupul Milvus“ au salvat un exemplar de acvila de munte pe care l-au eliberat în Muntii Padurea Craiului. Pasarea a fost prinsa cu mâna de catre un localnic în apropiere de localitatea Câmpeni, judetul Alba. Exemplarul era inelat înca din anul 2008. Membrii “Gupului Milvus” au transportat pasarea la Târgu-Mures, unde a fost tinuta sub supraveghere si ingrijita.