Thursday, 14 July 2011

Very impresive... but the blogger who set this knows nothing about Romania and the very specific custom of Danube's Delta inhabitants. First of all, even they are Romanian citizens, most of them are Ukrainians and Russians known as "lipoveni". A well informed anthropologist will see very fast the whole picture. The people of Danube Delta are, unfortunately, maybe the poorest from all Romania, due to many factors, cultural and political.
Poverty brings misery, both to people and the animals living in the Delta.
The terrible comments against Romania as a country are unfair, though. I would ask the Western animal rights defenders how many bears live in France, Germany, Uk, Holland und so weiter?
The answer: none. In Romania is the largest population of Europe, estimated to 5500 animals.
So, as the great civilizators of Rome said once, take this story with a grain of salt...cum grano salis.


Turnofftheglory said...

Fair post. Romania is rich in wild life and have a great biodiversity, in Danube Delta.

joo said...

I must say that I fell for your country, especially for Delta! It's a place you must be really proud with!

sturgeone said...

cum grano salis it is.....the story on that blog does not make any sense....

Anonymous said...

Well it is in Romania? Who cares what people are they? The laws of a country should be enforced to anybody and everybody? Right?

It is just a lawless country with no animal rights, were the beasts are running wild.

Victor S. Popaliciu said...

i live in Tulcea a town near the Danube Delta and i know the region well...the story of the massacre of the wild horses is not about the people that live about a small group of 20-30 drunk criminals that tortured hundreds of innocent animals and with the help of corrupt oficials from the region ilegaly sold them to slaughter house. the poor people from Danube Delta have nothing to do with this..crime and criminals does not have a nationality,rase or social status..this crime now is stopped by the national authoryties and the criminals are under investigation..also i was helped by wonderful people from around the world to create and promote a petition to suport this investigation and keep the horse safe..Persian Enquine the person in case helped the Romanians a lot