Thursday, 19 May 2011


Dacian infantry
Hoplit helmet
Dacian gold helmet found in Poiana Varbilau, Prahova county.(on top)
Thracian helmet.
Celtic helmet.
Roman infantry: triari and legionair.

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emerson said...

However, the Romans claim that they looted in a single hoard 165 tons of gold and 300 tons of silver is accepted by some historians. This amount is perhaps credible in terms of the massive Dacian exploitation of precious metals in the Apuseni Mountains along with trade payments and tributes from abroad paid to Dacians. Also, its existence in one spot suggests that Dacian State had a central control of precious metal circulation.
Truth comes only in 20% when you read about Decebal treasures.Personally I do not think that this river was diverted to hide that huge amount of gold (In those days it was difficult.)I think it was just a conspiracy to remove ANY idea to seek and find the treasure.I have studied old maps Dacic - Roman (101-102DC) and luckily for me the locations, roads, plus the names of cities remained unchanged.I personally know several caves, plus two wells dried up around the ancient Dacian cities "Piatra Rosie and Polovraci" Mountains Orastiei(Around which were already found ancient artifacts)The excavations in this country are below minimum and that as a result dozens of ancient sites with unimaginable possibilities waiting abandoned even if they were discovered years ago.