Monday, 2 August 2010


Haringey Council tenant Cristian Dumitru, 29, of Junction Road, Tottenham, was jailed after helping more than 350 Romanian nationals to get NI cards illegally.

Dumitru also schooled them on how to apply for a string of benefits including child tax credits and housing allowances.

More than half of the Roma nationals Dumitru helped successfully claimed benefits amounting to £2.9million.

It continues: Dumitru worked closely with a respected Roma community activist, Lavinia Olmazu, 31, and her partner Alin Enachi, 29, both of Woodford Green.

Olmazu, who acted as an advisor to several London councils, and Enachi created fake companies and issued bogus work references to deceive Department of Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs staff.

Source : Benefit Fraud.


Naturedigital said...

Thats the price to pay when you try to help the poor and those who are in need Richard.
Big crooks and thieves are either never caught or never punished.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Much respect upon this entry of yours and the mean to measure time and life.