Wednesday, 5 May 2010



THREE people have died in a firebomb attack on an Athens bank, as protests in the Greek capital become more violent.

Hooded youths hurled petrol bombs in protest of a government austerity drive.

As many as 20 people were inside the bank when it was set alight.

Riot police sprayed tear gas at hoards of angry citizens who were throwing rocks and makeshift explosives.

A group of about 60 people broke through a police line to reach the debt-stricken country's Parliament.

Well, this is the first revolution in EU. Killing innocent people is not a solution, merde.


Lady Jo said...

MÖÖÖÖÖÖ Richard ;-))
en plus c'est dans tous les pays que ça se passe !

richard said...

Ja, auch im Rumanen. Ich habe verstanden was Du hast gesagt mit Apocalypse.

Anya said...

Very interesting post !!!
Thanks for telling us
the history from greece ;)

bilsot said...

The Greek people do not deserve so much pain and suffer because they have unfaithfull political parties!
Basilis ,
from Athens Greece.

CIMPOACA LAURENTIU said... urata treaba...ajunge si la noi cat de curand

richard said...

@Basilis, the image says almost all.Romania is not far of similar days.

Naturedigital said...

Things are really bad Richard. It is not the greek banks that are under siege. Its the people who are..
All those people trying to work.. to live to breathe.
The enforcement of the new economic measures by EU and IMF is being tested here in Greece .. and i see them later exported to other countries. people s reactions and acceptance is being tested here.
And three dead people are just the beggining i am afraid.
Have a great day.