Friday, 19 March 2010


"Cu aceasta ocazie tin sa-mi string propria mea mana pentru felul cum am votat la prezidentiale.
On this ocasion, I"d like to shake my own hand for the way I voted for, during the presidential elections ( last December)."
This comment was made on an online story about a corrupt politician.See here: or click the title of my post.
These days , Romania has seen one of the most ugly scandals, whose implications in our lives is terrible. Shortly, a notorius character almost got the Ministry of Domestic Affairs (Police and stuff) on his hands, planning to transform it in a true terrorist structure, aimed against his political foes.
What can be said? Aux armes, citoyens!


garcea said...

no kidding1? how about the pink notice which the more then respectable ministry of development used to flap in the parliament.come on pal, gimme a break

richard said...

@ You are right, but that lady is not the question here.You will see, that lady will run the Presidency next time. For that reason she was appointed to manage UE money, to show how skilled she is.
If I am not wrong, You leaved Romania when Voicu"s comrades were rulling. You have a short memory, i guess. Tongue or middle finger, what You prefer? :)

garcea said...

right. your the one who´s missing the point. we´re talking about the same mary with a different hat.
byte your tongue and stick your finger wherever you want.
Actually it´s a shame. And don´t forget you can´t find answers for a question just by ignoring some others.
"the whole truth and nothing but the truth"
so my friend what do you mean? as i was forced to leave my country(like so many others)the possible first lady(oh Lord don´t leave us) used to plant flowers, feed little birds and play with little children?