Wednesday, 7 October 2009


A fraudulent buyer purchased our products and shipped via DHL Express to Gambia. we informed DHL of the shipment, requesting its return from DHL’s Gambia Offices. The DHL Research Department started initial procedures. We followed up with the Research Department and found ourselves redirected to the DHL Fraud Department.

Immediately following, we were subjected to silence as the fraud department ignored our daily phone calls and e-mails - forcing our attorney to send a demand letter to DHL Headquarters and the DHL Fraud Department, requesting the status of the shipment. Over the course of three weeks, and despite action from our attorney, the fraud department NEVER provided a verified answer regarding the location of our valuable shipment.
The DHL Fraud Department was unjustifiably neglectful, forcing our company to start over with DHL’s Customer Service Department.

DHL Customer Service verified that our shipment was at the DHL Gambia Office. Under no circumstances should it have taken DHL a month to verify the shipment was within DHL Offices? This poor treatment continued as we negotiated the shipment’s return to the US.

For a one way return shipment through DHL Express we were quoted $16,000 USD, an astronomical cost. As an alternative we were quoted $6,400 USD for DHL Global Forwarding service, to which we agreed and authorized payment for shipment. To our shock, the price was increased to $9,600 USD after negotiations and authorizations were completed.

We were threatened to either accept the price change or find another freight forwarder to move the shipment the very next day, or else the goods would be auctioned in Gambia. This pricing bait and switch and threat of auction are absolutely inexcusable from a reputable company. We were forced to pay the high cost to avoid losing the shipment altogether.
DHL delivered a damaged and incomplete shipment to our location. Comparing the pictures taken in Gambia office, it is obvious that the damage and thievery to the shipment took place while in transit with DHL Global Forwarding. The shipment, which originally contained 26 products, came back unfathomably damaged and missing two products. Words cannot express our shock at DHL’s incompetency in shipment and customer service.

We are beyond disappointed in the unprofessional treatment we received from every department in DHL, the damage and theft subjected on our personal property and the lack of response we have received since.

Our DHL experience has been a far cry from what one would expect when relying on the “global market leader of the international express and logistics industry”. The inexcusable behavior and lazy work ethics should not be the culture of the company. I would love to see the changes.

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