Wednesday, 24 June 2009


General Information Romania is one of Europe's more adventurous countries. Expect the weather to be similar to that in Britain at the same time of year, but probably warmer on the coast. In the mountains we shall see patches of snow and suitable clothing, including walking boots, should be brought. There are no special health requirements. Insects will be only a minor problem and just in the delta area. The itinerary is fairly relaxed and mostly only a general degree of fitness for walking is required. In the mountains, however, some of the walks may need a little extra stamina (particularly if snow is still present on the ground). The food is very good and varied and is suitable for vegetarians. Wine, beer etc., are very good and pretty cheap! Romanian plumbing can be a little unreliable, but supplies of hot water are assured. Roads are mostly good, but there is some driving on rough tracks and potholes are not unknown. The tour can be good for mammals, with Brown Bear and Souslik (Ground Squirrel) likely, and we should also see some reptiles.


joo said...

Now I'm sure I must revisit Romania - especially for sake of birdwatching and mountain hiking.
BTW, your new main photo is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Comella said...

Muy bueno el conjunto de fotografias.

oldcrow61 said...

Your description makes me want to visit.