Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I've learned all my life to ache,to love
The moment has come to learn it, I betray/become a martyr

I insist,I insist
my life (is) half, (with) you (being) away
I tolerate,I wait
in my heart you,my life (is) half
I insist

I've learned all my life to care about you, I tell lies to myself
in this love of yours to kill myself, (and) like this to by saved

I insist

I insist
I've learned....I lie to myself

I insist...


Lorena said...

efharisto, love the man and horse blog title photo, one of my favorites of yours

richard said...

My dear brother and his Arabian pure bred studs of Mangalia.Thats Ibn Galal, very beautiful horse.

Lady Jo said...

Gabriel et son cheval ???
plus des vacances en Grèce ;-)

Anya said...

Your new banner is fantastic :-)